Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Realising our dream...

Plans for Dream Walking, our first walk to take place in Nottingham on 10th Feb 2012 as part of Nottingham's Light Night, are coming on really well.

We have been planning where we can install our secret interventions around the streets of the city, it's a lot of fun poking our noses into dark spaces and wondering if we're getting caught on cameras!

Everybody we have spoken to has been really supportive and quite excited about our project, and we would especially like to thank all the following local businesses who are helping us to realise our first walk:
Waterstones books, NG Chartered Surveyors, CPMG Architects, Debbie Bryan Studio & Shop, New College Nottingham, Perspektiv Marketing Group, Old Angel Inn, Tanners Chartered Surveyors, Valuers and Estate Agents and Nottingham City Council.

"In one respect, at least, I may boast of a resemblance to the simplicity of the ancient sages:  I pursue my meditations on foot."
John Thelwall, The Peripatetic, 1793

Monday, 7 November 2011

Dream Walking

We are pleased to announce that Sidelong's first walk will take place in Nottingham as part of Light Night festival.

Light Night is a national festival that celebrates individual cities' identities through hosting a variety of participatory night-time performances, installations and events. This year it will take place in Nottingham on February 10th 2012.

During our walks around Nottingham we have discovered many unusual and hidden places. In our new commission, 'Dream Walking', you can also explore the city in new ways. We will provide you with a torch and a map so you can find our glowing dream images in forgotten dark corners.

Here are a few interesting images of Nottingham...